Claire Chambers, Teacher & Founder

Claire is an experienced qualified antenatal teacher, completing her training to university level. “I am passionate about birth, and believe every birth is as unique as every baby and every family. Unique births was designed to offer the knowledge and support every parent deserves and the best possible start to your family”. When Claire is not working at Unique Births, she can be found secretly eating chocolate and having fun with her 6 (yes that’s right 6) children and her ever patient partner, not forgetting 2 crazy dogs.


Isobel, Teacher

Isobel is a qualified antenatal practitioner, completing education at university level and is currently training to be a breastfeeding support worker. She loves meeting new parents to be, supporting them by providing evidenced based knowledge for them to make informed decisions around pregnancy, birth and parenting. She feels passionately, that parents should have confidence when it comes to the birth of their children. Having a young family herself she recognises the value of support, not only in pregnancy and birth but in the transition to parenthood. She believes it is important that antenatal education includes the fourth trimester (first three months after the birth), such as practical baby care, mental health and adjusting to a new lifestyle.


We support you on your personal birth journey. We believe it’s your body, your baby, your choice. There is no one right way to birth.


We believe all parents have the right to a positive fulfilling birth, we are dedicated to supporting you in your choices about your body and your birth.


When you have up to date, accurate unbiased information you can trust yourself and your decisions.


Faith in the ability of your body to birth your baby.


Parents to discover their personal hopes and wishes for the birth of their babies and to support the importance and power of their families.